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Eccellenza Touch

The newest member of the Eccellenza family has a 10.1" touchscreen and comes with 2 coffee bean dispensers and 3 powder dispensers!

Eccellenza Touch

The Eccellenza Touch offers the most popular hot beverages that people crave! It is also equipped with VKI's latest  brewer!


Vendking Paper Brewer

The original Vendking Brewer !

Vendking Paper Brewer

This is the brewer that started the single-cup coffee revolution. Don't settle for the imitations when you can have the original !


Zuma Paperless Brewer

VKI's innovative paperless brewer !

Zuma Paperless Brewer

Paperless brewing technology at its best! This brewer can deliver a freshly brewed cup of coffee in just over 30 seconds.




We also offer a variety of equipment accessories from furniture and cabinets, to several types of 'Vending' options. Please visit the 'Accessories' section of our web site to see what is currently available.





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