We provide a complete line of optional accessories and upgrades to complement our equipment, and we still offer optional accessories for some of our discontinued models.

Eccellenza Touch Coffee Hopper Extension

A new coffee hopper extension that doubles the capacity of the coffee beans is now available for the Eccellenza Touch (P/N - 202589-001). An optional lock kit specifically designed for the hopper extension is also available (P/N - 202590-001). To reduce the daily maintenance of the Eccellenza Touch even further, we recommend installing the High Capacity Waste Chute Kit (P/N - 202249-001) to complement the Coffee Hopper Extension. 

Hopper Extension

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We offer a variety of cabinets that complement our equipment, from a basic version to one that incorporates cup holders and a waste bin. You can customize the look of your coffee lounge area to suit your needs. Click on the buttons below to view the corresponding product sheets.  



Eccellenza Cafe Cabinets Eccellenza Express Cabinets


The Eccellenza Café and Eccellenza Express can be configured for 'Vending' with the addition of a Coin Acceptor, and a Bill Validator. The Eccellenza Pod machine can also be equipped with an optional Coin Acceptor unit. Click on the buttons below to view the corresponding 'Vending' options.



Eccellenza Cafe Vending Eccellenza Express Vending

Other Accessories

We also offer a variety of other accessories, such as Waste Chutes (Eccellenza Touch, Eccellenza Café & Eccellenza Express), Bean Hopper Extensions and Riser Kits (Eccellenza Express).

Accessories for Discontinued Models

VKI continues to offer some accessories for our discontinued models (Suprema, Caffè Mio, etc.). Please contact VKI Customer Service with any inquiries you may have, and for product availability. 


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