About VKI

Who we are

Established in 1947, VKI Technologies is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced coffee systems based on diverse, fresh-brew technologies.

In 1967, VKI developed the single-cup brewer that would eventually become one of the world's finest, the Vendking brewer. Today, the advanced version of this device continues to ensure the freshness and aroma of millions of beverages brewed to suit the taste of consumers around the world.

Attentive to the evolving tastes of the marketplace as well as the needs of its business partners, VKI increased its line of products and services, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry. The development of integrated and innovative products and services ensures its distinct competitive edge on the national and international markets
. Our Facilities

Quality Management

Since 1998, VKI Technologies has adopted a first-class approach to ensure the continuous improvement of its corporate processes. Best business practices, increased customer satisfaction, process optimization and employees' mobilization have been the keys to ensuring our unparalleled quality.

Our Vision

Contribute to the growth of Keurig and our partners by developing customized products.

Our Mission

Design and produce efficient and innovative beverage systems that provide consumers a unique experience.

The Pillars of our Development

Obligations - Essential Elements in the Prosperity of VKI:

- Customer - Person or organization which requires a product or a service
- Quality - Attain and exceed the customers’ expectations
- Profitability - Attain and exceed the expected results

Values - Fundamental convictions:

Entrepreneurship - Take the initiative to identify and seize the opportunities
Team - The unity in the achievement of our common objectives in spite of the diversity of our roles
Creativity - Differently, Better, Farther

Attitude - State of mind leading to a behavior:

- Commitment - Lead a structured and determined approach to attain the expected results
- Agility - To adapt skillfully and quickly to the requirements of the situation
- Initiative - Take an active role in the growth and the continuous improvement of VKI





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Montreal Region:  (450)676.0504

Fax: 1.800.567.7776

Email: customer.service@vkitech.com

Address: 3200 2e rue, St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada   J3Y 8Y7