The History of VKI

Founded by Alan King, the enterprise started its business in Montreal under the name of Vendking International and begins distributing vending equipment.

Mr. King abandons the distribution of vending equipment to concentrate on the development of his own equipment. VKI Technologies introduces its first single-cup brewer, appropriately named, the Vendking Brewer. Inspired by the French press piston, the Vendking brewer becomes the company's flagship product and is quickly recognized as one of the best coffee brewers worldwide.

The Vendking brewer becomes internationally-renouned for its uniqueness and the quality of the coffee it brews. A distribution contract for the Vendking brewer is signed with Europe Automatic (now Etna, B.V.) a Dutch manufacturer of automated beverage vending machines and with Toshiba Electric Appliances, a premier Japanese manufacturer. These two partners integrate the Vendking brewer into their own line of coffee makers.

The company designs the first single-cup coffee maker, the VK200. Smaller and easier to maintain than existing coffee makers on the market equipped with its Vendking brewer, the VK200 revolutionizes the office coffee service industry in Quebec.

In order to promote VKI's global expansion into the American market, VKI launches a franchise opportunity called Filterfresh. Franchisees quickly emerge throughout the United States and the brewer technology, developed by VKI, becomes synonymous with quality in the American market.

An important transition year for VKI. All manufacturing processes are revamped to implement lean manufacturing concepts. VKI increases its flexibility and maximizes its production capabilities.

During the same year, VKI becomes a subsidiary of Van Houtte, one of the largest North American companies known for its roasting, marketing, and distribution of specialty coffees.

The company develops its first "turnkey" project. Two American freelancers approach VKI to develop their concept of an automatic tea machine. Entering into a partnership, VKI produces a line of tea machines that are now distributed in over a thousand convenience stores in the United States.

Commercialization of a new generation of the Vendking brewer - the Zuma brewer. The Zuma breaks new ground as a paperless brewer, requiring less upkeep while brewing impeccable coffee and tea.

VKI introduces its revamped product line: brewing solutions for customers with low-volume needs right up to those with much higher volume requirements. An unparalleled trio, with a fresh contemporary, uniformed look.

Keurig, a leading designer and distributor of single-cup coffee machines, entrusts VKI with the production of their commercial model, the B2003.

Within this partnership, VKI creates and develops a coin changer adapted to the B2003.

The launch of the Espresso Café, a revolutionary and completely automated, espresso coffee machine that allows VKI and the Van Houtte networks to expand their product lines.


VKI introduces Scalehammer TM to the retail market. This associated product was developed to treat scale build up and the effects of hard water.

A compact liquid hot chocolate machine is developed for an office environment and introduced on the market.

Important efforts are directed at increasing VKI's presence in Europe.

VKI launches the Eccellenza Café (Latte Lounge) to the North American market. Equipped with three bean hoppers, two powder hoppers, and three flavor dispensers, this model offers over 60 unique beverage combinations.

VKI launches the Eccellenza Express in the North American market. This model, equipped with two bean hoppers and two powder hoppers, incorporates a touch screen selection panel, the first ever VKI model to offer this technology.

VKI launches the Eccellenza Pod machine. This machine brews coffee using pre-packaged coffee pods, and is equipped with two powder dispensers. This latest model incorporates a touch screen selection panel.

Van Houtte (including VKI) becomes an integral part of GMCR - a leader in the coffee industry selling high-quality, premium coffee and innovative coffee brewing systems that consistently provide a superior coffee experience.

Filterfresh Corporation (originally founded by VKI in 1986) is acquired by Aramark Refreshment Services from GMCR.

Newco Enterprises becomes VKI's newest partner in the U.S. for the complete line of Eccellenza Series of equipment .

A new Canadian partnership is established with Muldoon's Own, who distribute the Eccellenza Pod machine. 


Our Canadian partnership with Brokerhouse and André Labbée is re-established. With offices in the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver areas, they are now official distributors of the Eccellenza Café, Express and Pod equipment.


A new partnership is established with Canteen Coffee Services in the US (part of the Compass Group). 


VKI launches the Eccellenza Touch machine. Our latest offers two coffee hoppers, three powder hoppers, a high-definition touch screen and VKI's revolutionary new paperless brewer!



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